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Traveling to Kotor in Montenegro

Why is Kotor, Montenegro, so popular among tourists?

This article contains detailed information required for vacation without troubles. You can find out where to eat, long and short-term stays and rest in Kotor. We also list the best places for sightseeing and sunbathing.


Kotor is a small city in the Kotor bay famous for its Old Town and wonderful views. It is one of the main tourist attractions in Montenegro and welcomes thousands of tourists every year, including cruise ships. Almost everyone who was in Montenegro visited this picturesque city. Kotor is a perfect place to spend days and nights all year round; you can check Kotor webcams to see how beautiful it is. We want to discuss in this article all the benefits of living in Kotor on vacation or for the long term. We have no doubts that after a detailed description, you will find a way to stay there for at least a couple of days.

Where is Kotor?

Kotor is located on the Adriatic Sea in the southwest part of Montenegro in Kotor Municipality. The bay where it is situated is named in its favor – Kotor Bay– and is a unique southern fiord similar to northern Norwegian fjords. The population of this city is about 13 thousand people and is decreasing due to the lack of work. It was founded in 5th century DC (at that time, the name was Cattaro) by Ancient Romans, and since then, a lot of fortification has been left as it was part of Serbia, Venetia, Hungary, France, Austria, and Yugoslavia. Kotor forts are part of the largest fortification system in the Balkans. The nearest town is Tivat, which is 11 km (about 15 minutes by taxi without traffic jams), and Budva is 23 km (about half an hour). The capital of Montenegro is located 87 km away (about two hours of drive by car). Kotor is surrounded by splendid hills and forests that make the landscape photos from the top especially remarkable. Some tourists call Kotor – “Montenegro Venice”.

Why do you need to spend your vacation in Kotor? Advantages and Disadvantages

Even the short description shows that Kotor is a unique place worth visiting. We want to highlight its advantages and insist that you check this list by yourself to see if we are right.

  • Interesting city history proved by old architecture. The Fortified Old City of Kotor is included in the UNESCO World Heritage Site. Unfortunately, not all buildings have been preserved from ancient times. Due to the 1979 earthquake, many parts of the city were significantly destroyed, but most were restored.
  • Close to the airport. Two Montenegro international airports are located in Tivat and Podgorica. Tivat airport has limited flights, while in Podgorica, you may fly from all over the world. There are many other options for reaching Kotor, which we describe in a separate section.
  • Fresh seafood and tasty local cuisine. The location determines the availability of many dishes, including fish, Italian, International, Asian, and Balkan cuisines. There are many café and restaurants for every budget. You can choose the ones near the Old Town or the seashore.
  • Wide choice of interesting tours in the neighboring towns, villages and cities. You can visit many nearby villages and towns, as well as beaches for every taste and any company. The stunning natural landscapes around Kotor are from every side, including islands in the Kotor Bay, where you can hike, sail, or swim.
  • Many attractions and possibilities for interesting leisure time for tourists. In addition to the Old Town, there are several museums and one aquarium.
  • Breathtaking landscapes with hills and sea views. From the viewpoints on the top of the Old Town, you can see almost the whole of Kotor Bay and the nearest mountains.

To be fair, we need to list some disadvantages. However, from our point of view, they can’t spoil your vacation.

  • Traffic jams occur in the high season (July and August). Because of the many cruise ships and the popularity of the Old Town, many tourists visit the city in summer.
  • Not so many sights in Kotor. As you see above, the choice of attractions in Kotor is limited. For an interesting two-week vacation, you need to take excursions to other cities and places.

Further, we will describe Kotor in detail, where to live, eat, what to see, and where to go.

Sightseeing and leisure time in Kotor

You can’t be bored in Kotor. There are plenty of things to do in Kotor as solo travelers or families with kids.

  • Old City of Kotor. The ancient city walls with Bastions protect the old historical buildings, capturing many historical Kotor layers from 16-17 centuries. There are several beautiful towers worth seeing -Kampana Tower and Clock Tower, several historical buildings and churches – Palata Bizantu, Grubonja Palace, Drago Palace, Pima P St. Tryphon’s Cathedral, and Bjeladinovic House. You can start your walking tour from Sea Gate, passing Old Town Square. The whole tour takes less than one hour. You can walk with kids, and there is no need to climb stairs. It is very interesting to find hidden symbols of ancient culture.
  • Kotor Cats Museum. This small museum for cat lovers is located inside the Kotor City walls. It presents mainly vintage pictures and posters. The museum also cares for numerous cats living in Kotor. The working hours are not fixed, and it can be surprising on break. There are many fairly priced souvenirs.
  • Maritime Museum. This historical museum shows Montenegro's rich history with beautiful paintings of the sea. The location of Kotor in the Middle Ages determined the main activity—sailing. You can check ethnographic collections, ship models, navigation instruments, maps, and more. This museum will also be interesting for kids.
  • Aquarium Boka. This is the first public Aquarium in Montenegro, opened in 2021. You can see wildlife from the Adriatic Sea and Kotor Bay there. The aquarium has innovative, modern designs, 16 tanks, and interactive panels.

In addition to the museums, there are several walking tours in Kotor.

  • Road to Fort St. Ivan (San Giovanni). Near the River Gate (North Gate), you can take the Old Town Road and the Ladder of Kotor to the Fort of St. Ivan. On the top of the hill, you will see the Kotor panorama and Kotor Bay with mountains. We recommend this way for tourists who love hiking and are comfortable in shoes; it might be difficult for older adults and small kids. Active people can reach the top in 30 minutes, while for calm walking, you need an hour.
  • Alternative way from the Fortress. If you do not want to return to the same road, an alternative way is definitely recommended. This way is very picturesque, in the mountains, and easy to follow. You need at least one hour to reach the Start point on the Scurda River (near Restobar Taraca). On the other side, this road is connected to the P1 road.
  • Way to Dream mini waterfall. Tourists searching for refreshments can come to a small mini waterfall in the mountains. There are many green plants on your way near the crystal water. This waterfall is dry at the end of July; we recommend visiting it after the rains or at the beginning of summer. The start to the waterfall is located near the start of the Ladder of Kotor Way.
  • Way in Skurda Canyon. After visiting Dream Mini waterfall, you can continue walking further through Skurda Canyon. It is also dry in August, so be prepared.

If you prefer hiking and day-long trips, please check the chapter on excursions from Kotor. You will be surprised at how many things to see in Kotor.

How to get to Kotor?

There are only three ways you may reach Kotor: by bus, by car, or by ship (boat). There are three main roads to Kotor – from Budva, Risan and Lepetane (coastal road). For budget tourists, we would like to recommend bus services from Dubrovnik, Belgrade and Novi Sad to Kotor by numerous operators. The trip from Dubrovnik takes about 2 hours with an average price of about 30 Euro. Kotor doesn’t have a train station; the nearest is in Bar and Podgorica, from where you can take local buses. All trains from Europe go through Belgrade and Zagreb, from where you can take a bus as well.

For international travelers, two airports are available. The closest one in Tivat welcomes regular flights from Turkey (Turkish Airlines) and Serbia (Air Serbia and Air Montenegro). The airport in Podgorica has many more options (from Austria, Poland, Hungary, United Kingdom, Greece, etc.), including low-cost flights operated by Wizz Air, LOT and Ryanair. But from two airports you need to come by car, bus or Kotor taxi. There are several international car rental services in both airports. Also, you can order the transfer from your hotel.

All year round, there is a regular ferry schedule, and it goes to Kamenari on the Croatia side and Lepetane on the Tivat Side. For pedestrians, the service is free, and during the ride, you can take beautiful photos. Also in summer, there are ferries to Bari, Italy from Kotor (ticket price is around 50 Euro). In summer, cruise ships come to Kotor Bay, so it is a nice option to visit the city during European cruise adventures. In addition to these options, you can always rent a private boat.

Kotor Beaches

Considering Kotor's location in a bay, all beaches in Kotor have picturesque views, crystal water and almost no waves. However, because of cruise ships, in summer, the water can have some oil residues in the city. But you always have the choice to take a car and travel to the nearest villages and towns in the Adriatic Sea, not in the Bay.

  • Ploce Beach. This is a remote beach 22 km from Kotor (about an hour's drive) on the coast of the Adriatic Sea, not far from Budva. You can reach the beach by boat or bus. This large beach has all the facilities for the whole day's leisure time for single travelers and families. It has a diving center, sports places, restaurants, bars, four swimming pools and beach accessories. You can even take swimming lessons while your kids are in the playroom. In the day and night, there are DJ sets.
  • Dobrota Beach. The small village, Dobrota, on the east of Kotor, is located on this good beach. There is no specific place for a beach; small beach areas are located in front of residents. You can dive directly from the pier or enter the water from the stairs. In some places, you can rent a sunbed from locals. The water is clean, without algae and mud. You can go sightseeing around Kotor by swimming in this cozy place. There are a lot of yachts in the sea nearby.
  • Oskar Beach. On the other side of Kotor Bay is Oskar Beach near a 5-star hotel – Hyatt Regency Kotor Bay Resort. For the lot, a sun bed and an umbrella you need to pay 15 Euros. Toilets and changing rooms are available as well. The water here is very warm, with small pebbles to make it a comfortable entrance. The view is beautiful, as always, on the Kotor Bay beaches. It is very convenient to come here by car as the coastal road from Kotor to Lepetane is nearby. For water sports levels, the rental service of kayaks and canoes is available. You can eat in the nearby café with pleasant music or grab some takeaway food from the nearest supermarket.
  • Plaza Ponta. Whether you decide to visit Tivat and stay there for a day, we recommend Plaza Ponta, which has the best view from the cape of the whole town. This small beach with a lighthouse is located within 15 minutes of walking distance from Porto Montenegro (the main attraction of Tivat). It is equipped with a wooden deck where you can sit or sunbathe. There are not so many people here so that you can enjoy the sunsets here. There are no facilities here, such as sun beds, toilets, or changing rooms, but people come here for peace. Water can be rather cold, so you should be prepared for large pebbles.
  • Stone Beach. For travelers searching for interesting beaches, Stone Beach is a nice location. Many tourists come here for hiking, and there are many apartments for rent here as well. In summer, the Gulf Bigova (where the beach is located) might be crowded. It is also located 23 km and half an hour from Kotor. The beach does not have a large place to rest; it is a narrow stone rock with natural steps to the water. But the water here is clean, you can also use ladders to enter. The sunbeds and umbrellas are available for tourists; you can also have a rest in the shadow of the trees. The car comes on the top of the hill; you need to step down 1000 steps to enjoy the beach.
  • Bajova Kula Beach. This beach is located on the coastal road around Kotor Bay to Pearast after Dobrota village. Because of the amazing scenery, all sunbeds can be occupied in the hot season, but you can book them in advance. You can enjoy tasty local cuisine and seafood here. There are several restaurants nearby, and there is an underwater wine cellar. The place has a natural shadow, and you can come with only a towel for a small rest. The parking lot is free but has a limited place; be prepared to make a reservation as well. The water is crystal clear with small pebbles here.
  • Trsteno Beach. Another remote beach close to Budva welcomes Kotor tourists. You need to drive 21 km to come here. It has a shallow sand entrance, so it is especially good for kids, because there are many families here and it could be crowded. The view from the beach is also stunning, and you can stay in a public area or move to large stones for scuba diving in the wild part. If you get hungry, there are several bars and restaurants. Changing rooms, sunbeds (15 Euro for a whole day), umbrellas and toilets are available as well. The parking lot, meanwhile, is large and free.
  • Tre Sorelle Beach. This almost wild beach is located in the new Prcanj town. The water here is especially clear; you can see the sea life. It is never crowded so that you can come at any time of the day. You can come here for sightseeing as well to see the old stone palace of three daughters from the old tale. The place is calm but has sunbeds from locals. Nearby are located many hotels and restaurants. You can enjoy the mountains and Dobrota village from the large rocks on the beach. The place is also good for scuba diving.
  • Kotor Beach. This public beach is located in front of the city in a sheltered location 850 m from the Old Town. It is equipped with all the necessary furniture for comfortable sunbathing – umbrellas and sunbeds. There are also showers, bars and changing cabins. The price for two sun beds and one umbrella is 20 Euro. The entrance could be uncomfortable for kids and older adults because of the rocks. In peak season, the beach is crowded, as it is rather small and has an excellent view. We recommend coming in the morning to get to the best place.

Montenegro is popular among tourists in summer because of its many beautiful beaches and crystal-clear warm water. You may stay for the whole vacation on one beach or visit several. All beaches have unique locations, nature, and views, so you can take the best photos and have a marvelous time.

Where to eat in Kotor?

Kotor is a popular place for tourists from all over the world so that you can find local Balkan cuisine, grilled and cooked seafood, as well as restaurants and café with international food (Greece, Italian, Chinese and many more). There are places for every budget, from budget-friendly bites to fancy restaurants; you can always order delivery to your place. We recommend escaping the city center and the large streets and going to the back streets. In our review, we will list five restaurants and cafés from Kotor and the neighborhood with the best reviews.

You can choose between these Kotor restaurants:

  • The Astoria Boutique Hotel Kotor. In front of St. Tryphon’s Cathedral and behind the Kotor Old City walls near the Sea Gate is located the 4-star Astoria Boutique Hotel with a splendid restaurant on the ground floor. There is a large choice of organic food on our farms prepared in the “Josper” charcoal grill oven. You can eat several types of prosciutto, seafood, salads, premium Angus beef, Asian chicken, and many more here. For sweet lovers, there are more than ten premium desserts. You can come here the whole day from breakfast to dinner and reserve a table inside under the tree or outside in the Old Town.
  • Platanus. This restaurant is among the best in Kotor, serving Mediterranean food all day long. From the terrace, you can see the calm water of Kotor Bay and the cruise ships under the shadow of trees. Cozy sofas are inside in case of rain. Guests especially recommend “Fisherman Dream''- a seafood plate for two. If you do not like fish, there are burgers, tortillas and beef sandwiches. You can definitely expect kind service here even if the restaurant is full.
  • Mondo Restaurant. For guests and lovers of Italian pizza and Mediterranean dishes, this restaurant in Dobrota near Kotor is a good choice. It is located on the seashore a few meters from the seawater. The prices are reasonable, and the menu choices are wide for every taste. You can stay inside with an air conditioner or on the terrace. All guests reflect the remarkable pizza. The place is worth visiting and is recommended for excellent service.
  • Che Nova. This restaurant is also located in Dobrota near Mondo (the previous one). The view is stunning, but there are several complaints about the long service. You can have seafood, pizza, and salad here. For the food, you can choose from various beer and wine options, but cocktails here are expensive. The place is also good for having coffee early in the morning. The portions of food are good for this price.
  • The Taniga Grill / BBQ Teniga. This popular restaurant is located on the seashore of Kotor Fortress. It serves European meat dishes for lunch and dinner. The most popular dish is a large plate with several types of meat, French fries, vegetables, and a sauce for a large company. You can also order hamburgers here. All meat and sausages are presented in the shop window. There are several tables inside and outside in the garden, and takeaway is also available.

For more casual meals, we can recommend these café:

  • Resto Bar Terrace. This Resto Bar is located on the shore of the Scurda River near the Start of the Kotor ladder. You can grab Kohere a cocktail or freshly squeezed juices and take breakfast or lunch. It is open the whole day from 08 a.m. till 11 p.m. and serves dishes from European and Asian cuisine. It has tables inside and outside on a lovely terrace. It has a large choice of healthy and vegetarian food, as well as burgers, pizza and sandwiches.
  • Caffe del Mare. This café in Dobrota is recommended for all guests who have been here. You can eat tasty international food from the open grill (seafood and meat), and they also serve the best sushi in Montenegro. The service here is fast, professional and friendly. Because of the perfect location near the Bay and excellent choice of food, guests come here for breakfast, lunch, dinner and drinks. The menu also includes vegetarian and vegan options.
  • La Catedral Pasta Bar. This Pasta Bar is located inside the Kotor Old Town, the new Maritime Museum. This café is recommended for its Italian, European and Mediterranean cuisine. You can eat traditional Italian pasta here, like carbonara or bolognese, or seafood dishes. Portions are large and hearty. In the evening you can enjoy music here and enjoy the great atmosphere. Friendly staff waits for you from breakfast to dinner, serving soft drinks and main dishes.
  • Kod Pera. This café is located in Njegusi and is rated as the best one there. It is open from 07 a.m. to 11 p.m. for breakfast, lunch, brunch and dinner. You can also purchase local homemade prosciutto, cheese in vacuum packages, local soft drinks, and wine here. You can sit inside or in the summer house. The place is recommended for snacks with local offerings and friendly and welcoming service. This café is one of the oldest in Montenegro, and you will enjoy it after Serpentine Road, which has a marvelous view of Kotor Bay.
  • Forza Café. This café is one of the best places for desserts in Kotor. On a large terrace, you can enjoy a nice view of the old city center. In summer, the place can be crowded as it is very popular. Guests especially like the Moscow cake. You can always have a beer here, not only coffee. In addition to desserts, you can have a bite of Montenegro snacks—ham, sausage, and sausage.

In our review of Tivat and Budva, we also described some restaurants. You can also visit them in the evening; these cities are not far away. So, as you see, Kotor provides wide options for nice meals.

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Weather in Kotor

The climate in Kotor is Mediterranean, with mild winters and hot summers. The best time for a beach vacation is July and August, when the temperature can reach 31 C degrees with minimum precipitation throughout the year. The sea temperature in these months is 24-25 degrees C. There are few thunderstorms and rains in the afternoon hours in summer, but most likely in June.

If you do not like hot weather, we can recommend Kotor in May, June, September, and October. The weather is comfortable, with a maximum temperature of 23-28 degrees C and a minimum night temperature of 11-16 degrees. The sea temperature in May is 18 degrees, but in September, it is still warm at 23 degrees C.

Even in winter, the number of sunshine hours is 3.5 hours per day in January and December. The coldest temperature is 3 degrees C, and there are 13 days of rain with strong southerly winds. It is a rare morning when you can wake up to a city covered with a white blanket. That is why winter is also a good time for vacation. Some tourists from severe winters prefer to come to Kotor.

Where to live in Kotor?

Kotor is a small city, but there is a large choice for tourists who want to stay for a short or long time. For renting the best hotels in Kotor, apartments and villas, there are several online services: bookingCom, kayak, agoda, trivago and some aggregators that provide this service in addition to air tickets or car rental. As well as cafés and restaurants, you can find hotels or guest houses for every budget.

The highest ranking among Kotor hotels has the following three:

  • Boutique Hotel Hippocampus. This 4-star hotel is located in the UNESCO-protected Old Town near Saint Luke’s Church. The hotel was built in the 17th century. Rooms are decorated in Art Deco Style with some Mediterranean highlights. You can book a suite (for three guests), a king suite with a balcony (for two guests) and a deluxe suite (for three beds). Each room is equipped with a twin bed or a queen bed. Exceptional breakfast is included in the room price (breakfast in the room is also available). All extra beds are available upon request and are a paid service (except cribs). For parking, public parking is available without reservation (0.80 Euro per hour).
  • Hotel Alkima. This 4-star hotel with an outdoor swimming pool is located in front of the Adriatic Sea in Dobrota. You can book Deluxe Double Rooms and Family Suites here with a queen bed or a sofa bed. A family suite suits a large family with two adults and two kids, and you can also request a free crib. There are no extra beds available. You will get with room a wonderful buffet breakfast; vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free dishes are available. The nearest beach is located 150 feet from the hotel. There are many extra services in the hotel that are free and paid: hot tub/jacuzzi, cycling, snorkeling, bicycle rental, waxing services, manicure and massage. Free parking is available for guests – street or accessible- without reservation.
  • Hotel Vardar. This 4-star hotel is located in the Old Town on the Main Square. The rooms have a modern design with king beds and flat-screen TVs in each room. The nearest beach (Kotor Beach) is located 450 m from the hotel. There are two types of rooms – standard double and Junior Suite – each room can welcome up to three guests. Extra beds or cribs for kids up to 9 years are available for free upon request. Pets are not allowed. In the price range, a buffet breakfast is included, as well as a Turkish/steam bath with a fitness center. The place is so popular that you need to book it two to three months in advance. Unfortunately, there is no parking.

If you prefer apartments or villas with a kitchen, there is a good choice of Kotor accommodation as well. The most recommended are:

  • Azzuri Apartments - lux family apartments with panoramic view of the sea and Kotor and with delicious cuisine. Book directly via Whatsapp.
  • Majka Apartments. This apartment hotel, which has a bar, Wi-Fi, garden, and terrace, is located in Dobrota. You can also rent a standard triple room (twin or queen bed is available) without a kitchen, as well as an Apartment with one bedroom and a living room or a Deluxe Apartment for eight guests with three bedrooms and a living room. All apartments are equipped with a private kitchen with all accessories and a kitchenette and bathroom. The rooms are clean but old-fashioned. The apartments are located several minutes from the seashore, and some rooms have a splendid view of the Bay.
  • Solaris Lux Apartments. This 4-star apartment complex was recently renovated and is located near Kotor Beach, 800 m from the city center. All apartments are equipped with a dishwasher, washing machine, kitchenware, and all the necessary accessories to prepare meals. One-bedroom apartments with one queen bed and a living room with one sofa bed are available for companies of up to 4 people. Cribs are available for free upon request. No breakfast option is available. Unfortunately, there are no special facilities like a swimming pool, restaurant or spa on the premises. But you can choose apartments with a balcony and city, mountain, or sea views.
  • Maison W. 850 miles from the Kamalja Shopping Center and 750 m from Kotor Beach, this 5-star modern apartment hotel is located. For all guests, only one type of apartment is available – one bedroom with a bathroom and a living room. All rooms are equipped with a queen bed and a sofa bed. An extra crib or bed is available for free upon request. You can enjoy the bay or garden view from a terrace. All rooms have soundproof walls and a flat-screen TV. The property practices environmentally friendly measures. For all guests, an outdoor swimming pool and outdoor play equipment for kids are available.

In addition to the accommodation in Kotor, Montenegro in the large complexes or hotels, there are numerous private apartments for rent. We also recommend three local websites-aggregators – 2homeMe, kotorapartmentsME and idomioMe. You can filter apartments or villas by different filters like size, number of living rooms, bathrooms, or view. Some apartments will be redirected to small agencies. If you prefer an offline search of long-term stay apartments, there are numerous offices of rent service. Depending on the duration and the agency policy, in some cases, you need to pay additional fees for apartments (for example, an agency fee for 1 month of rental price).

Kotor, Rent a car

More and more tourists prefer self-organized vacations. To travel around Montenegro from Kotor, you can use one of the cars that are available at car rental companies. Several international companies are presented in Kotor that can be booked through aggregators: addCar, Avis, Avantcar, Budget, Carwiz, Driver Rent a Car, Goldcar, Hertz, Meridian Rent a Car, Oryx, Autounion, Green Motion, Last Minute, Keddy by Europcar, Goldcar, MTL rent a car, Rent&Go, Rentmotors, Sixt, OK Mobility, Rentmotors, Surprice, Terrae Car Rental, and Thrifty. There are some local companies that you can rent through aggregators, such as Car Booking Montenegro and Montenegro Car. In Kotor, you can visit offices of most companies and some smaller ones: Cheap Car Hire-Kotor, Kotor Rent a Car, RereCar Kotor, Oasis and EnjoyRent.

Each car rental company has its own requirements. For example, Sixt requires you to have a secure deposit of 2.600 Euro, but instead, you receive unlimited free kilometers. MontenegroCars at pick-up points charge a refundable security deposit – of 900 Euro, and if the car’s body is damaged and expenses are more than 900 Euro, they will be covered by the Collision Damage Waiver for less; you need to pay, but there is also no limit on kilometers. Some services can offer different pick-up and drop-off points. Normally, in the standard insurance policy, the protection of windows, mirrors, wheels, and tyres, as well as administration and breakdown charges, are not included, but you can pay more to have full protection.

Most companies offer pick-up points at the nearest Tivat, Podgorica or Dubrovnik airports. Cars of all sizes are available for 5-8 persons. You can order economy, compact, SUV, mini, minivan, with automatic or manual transmission, diesel, hybrid or electrical. You need to check all the conditions and characteristics of cars in detail, as not all of them, for example, have air conditioning, which is very helpful in summer in Kotor.

Excursions from Kotor

We recommend not to limit your traveling in Montenegro only by Kotor. You can take a group or private tour, rent a car and travel only with your company. The guides have prepared interesting stories for you about Montenegro. You can find a solution for every budget. You can also visit different beaches every day, as we have already described in the Tivat and Budva articles. The most recommended tours:

  • Sea tour in Kotor Bay: The list of Kotor attractions may differ depending on the tour time. It may include Mamula Island, Submarine Tunnel, Lady of the Rocks, and Blue Cave.
  • Tours of beautiful cities in Montenegro: Perast, Risan, Herceg Novi, Tivat and Budva (you can come by sea or by land). We strongly recommend a Kotor boat tour and Kotor shore excursions.
  • Tours to the nearest countries: Croatia, Albania, Bosnia.
  • Gastronomic tours: visit an olive farm in Lustica, bee yards and a wine cellar.
  • Luxury shopping tours in Porto Montenegro in Tivat.
  • Tours to Black Lake, Tara Canyon and Monasteries (normally it is a one-day trip).
  • Biking and hiking tours. You can explore Kotor's surroundings by mountain bike or on foot for different durations, combining such tours with short cable car rides. You can rent all the equipment for private or group biking and Kotor walking tours in the city.

Property in Kotor, Montenegro

Whether after this review or after your short visit, you have decided to buy some property in Kotor, there are some suggestions for you. The top websites for Kotor property for sale are Real Estate in Kotor, Savills, Realting, Montenegro Properties, Montenegro Prospects, Home in Montenegro and Indomio. Moreover, you can visit Kotor real estate offices, such as A Place in Montenegro, Dream Estates Montenegro, Resido Montenegro, and more. For each object, the contact information is provided by the dedicated manager; we recommend contacting him to check all details in advance.

You can find Kotor apartments for sale and villas with one, two, or more bedrooms in the Old Town or the nearby village. If you prefer new complexes, for example, Dobrota Within Luxury Complex is on sale now with flats from 52 m2 up to 120 m2. The price for a one-bedroom apartment with a large terrace and garage in Dobrota starts from 150.000 Euro. Depending on the resident class, you can purchase an unfurnished apartment or with furniture packages. We also can recommend villas and houses in Kotor in the mountains with beautiful views of the bay—for example, the house for sale in Kovachki Pole with six bedrooms costs 350.000 Euro. If you want to build your villa, there are many development sites available.


We hope that our article shows all the advantages and disadvantages of Kotor and Kotor live web camera prove them. We recommend Kotor for summer vacations. It is a place with sunny beaches and ancient history. You can visit museums, go hiking or rent a kayak for a trip to Kotor Bay. The choice of Kotor, Montenegro tours is vast. You can easily find a place to stay or eat for every budget. If you want to stay longer, you can purchase a property. This Balkan country is worth visiting for solo travelers, couples, friends or families.

Do you want more beautiful views of Montenegro?

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