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Budva, Montenegro – Complete guide for a perfect stay in the city

This article collects useful information about the location, accommodation, restaurants, hotels, rental services, sights, and much more for a comfortable stay in this picturesque place on the coastline of the Adriatic Sea.

Budva, Montenegro

Budva is one of the most popular travel destinations for tourists who love sunny beaches. Budva is located on the coast of the Adriatic Sea, not far from the Montenegro capital, Podgorica. This Balkan country has beautiful landscapes, warm summers and mild winters; its long history, with the influence of the Greeks, left us with many picturesque old stone castles, houses and churches. You can check in real-time how wonderful the place is via live cams in Budva.

Where is Budva?

Budva is a small city with about 16.000 citizens, which was founded 2.500 years ago. It is located in the southeastern part of Europe and is surrounded by Croatia, Serbia, Albania, Kosovo, Bosnia, and Herzegovina. All these countries previously formed the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia. Budva is the name of the Montenegrin part of the Adriatic coast – Budva Riviera – the main attraction point for tourists.

There are no airports in Budva. The nearest is 20 km from Tivat (Tivat Airport - TIV) and 60 km from Podgorica (Podgorica Airport - TGD), welcoming international regular and charter flights from all over the world. You can also reach the city on the railway – the closest station is Sutomore, which is 30 km away. But from the airport or railway station, you need to take a taxi or use a group tourist transfer to reach the city via two-line highways.

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Why do you need to plan your holidays in Budva?

Budva combines all the benefits of beach holidays, but you will be surprised about the other advantages of this most visited place.

  • History. Budva preserves many historical places for spending nice hours investigating picturesque architecture. You may choose between churches, citadels, old towns, city walls or towers. The whole history of the city, you can learn in the City Museum originated in 1962. You can find archaeological collections from Budva necropolises there.
  • Gorgeous beaches with clean water. Budva Riviera is popular for its different beaches, from small to popular with tourists with sand or rocks. All beaches are equipped with toilets, showers, cafes and give access to the clear blue sea.
  • Mild climate all year around. The weather is comfortable in summer and in winter. The hottest month is July, with temperatures up to 30 Degrees Celsius; the coldest month is January, with an average temperature of around 7 Degrees Celsius. You can expect a clear blue sky from June to the end of September; rain will be only for a couple of days. The water temperature is pleasant in July and August (25 degrees Celsius). Based on these weather characteristics, the best time in Budva for beach holidays is from mid-May to early October, but you can start swimming only in late June.
  • Fresh seafood and unique local cuisine. Budva is located at the intersection of many countries; its cuisine includes Mediterranean, Italian, European and for sure local food with a lot of seafood. Recently, Asian restaurants have opened to broaden the taste choices.
  • Numerous exciting excursions in nearby cities and towns and in the north. The choice of tours and sightseeing is broad. You can choose group and private tours, or you can explore Montenegro by yourself and rent a car. You can visit old cities, go to the lake, take a day trip on a boat and many more.
  • High-quality service for individual tourists and families. As a modern city with the main profit from tourism, you can find there 4 and 5-star hotels, modern accommodation for long-term living, exceptional boutique hotels, diving centers, aqua parks, and doctors, in addition to the top restaurants. Everything that you may need for small groups and families with kids of all ages.
We need to highlight the negative sides to be objective; there are not many.
  • Too many tourists in peak season. As you see, there are many advantages and a good climate; Budva becomes too popular in peak season. This causes some traffic jams on the borders, sold-out hotels, and no free reservations in the top restaurants.
  • Summer can be too hot. Even though the average temperature in the hottest summer is 30 degrees Celsius, sometimes the temperature can even reach 35 degrees Celsius. But you may choose other months with milder temperatures in September.
  • It is not possible to travel from Europe to Budva without transfer using a railway. As you see, there is no direct communication to the city by railways from Europe. The international train connections are only with Albania and Serbia. From Sutomore (1 hour away from Budva), you may go to Podgorica, Belgrade (Serbia) or Skadar (Albania). Another solution is to go to the railway station in Split (Croatia) and take a bus from there (5 hours away from Budva).
  • It is complicated to find a job. For students and other visitors preferring long-term holidays and searching for local jobs, there is not so much to find. Most jobs are already occupied by locals, as there are no other places to work without plants or other industries.

Sightseeing in Budva

During many years of tourism in Budva, some sights became extremely popular and strongly recommended for visiting to feel the unique atmosphere of Montenegro. Here is the top list of Budva things to see:

  • Budva Old Town. All city tours include excursions to the narrow streets of Altstadt (Old Town). It is a trademark of Budva and is located near Greco Beach. Budva is one of the oldest centers in the Adriatic and has more than 2.500 years of history. Normally, the excursion takes 2-3 hours, but it is better not to hurry and come several times at night and in the daytime. You can walk in a labyrinth of streets and cozy squares along the walls and see breathtaking views of the seaside and the whole town. There are some churches, museums, and café to provide unforgettable memories.
  • Budva Citadel. On the seaside in the Old Town, the Citadel built in 1425 has been preserved. It was part of the fortification-protected city for many years. It is open to visitors, and you can visit a restaurant, museum, and viewpoint.
  • Statue Ballerina (also can be called “Gymnast from Budva”, “Budva ballerina” or “Budva dancing girl”). If you go from Citadel to Mogren Beach, you will stop near this elegant bronze statue of a young girl standing in a graceful pose. The girl is standing on the large stone; you can stand nearby and take a photo.
  • Budva Bell and Anchor. Before you enter the Old town, you will see a big golden bell with silver ornaments on a concrete pedestal and an anchor. These objects do not have historical value; they were produced for shooting in movies and were left by the film crew as a present to the city.
  • Budva promenade to Becici. The promenade (Slovenian coast) starts from the Old Town and goes to the tunnel to Becici Beach. You can walk there in the evening or during the day; you will pass the marina with yachts and boats, the best sand beaches of Budva, restaurants, a public dock, and several viewpoints.

Budva top beaches

If you like to swim every day in various places, Budva proposes a choice of places as well. The total length of Budva Montenegro beaches is 12 km so that you can sunbathe every day in a new place. You can have a rest:

  • Becici Beach. This beach is full of golden sand for 2 km with transparent, calm water for almost the whole season. It connects Budva and the nearby city of Rafailovici. The set of sun beds and the umbrella are available for €20, but you can rest without expenses by resting on your towel. The beach is located in front of many hotels (Hotel Montenegro Beach Resort 4-star hotel, Iberostar Bellevue 4-star hotel, Splendid Conference & Spa Resort 5-star hotel and many more), so during the whole season, the beach is very crowded. On the other side, there are many restaurants, playgrounds, tennis courts, café, parking lots, boat rentals, and other water activities.
  • Slovenska Plaza. This beach is located in the middle of the city's sea coast; it has the right side (near the Old Town) of sand and pebbles on the left side (near Becici). It also includes such parts as Beach Greco, Azzuro Beach, and Zuplica Beach. As it is the main city beach, it is extremely popular with tourists living in hotels and private accommodations. The price for sunbeds and umbrellas differ €10-15 (per set). You have an unlimited choice of places to eat (bars, café, restaurants, snack bars) with delivery even to the sunbeds. All water activities are available for fun and amazing experiences – water skiing, slides, boats, snorkelling, etc. You can rent a group or private tour by boat to nearby islands.
  • Pizana Beach and Plaza Ricardova Glave Beach are two small beaches in the Old Town. They have a mixture of sand and small pebbles with convenient water entrances. On Pizana beach, located north of the Old Town walls, there are no amenities, sun beds, or changing rooms, but there is a safeguard and shows. It is recommended for small swims. Plaza Ricardova Glave Beach (Hill of Budva) is also small, but you may order sunbeds there. This beach is named after Richard Vidmark. In the middle of this beach is a peer.
  • Mogren Beach. On some maps, this beach is divided into two parts – Mogren 2 and Mogren 1, separated by a cliff with an opening in between. This beach is located on the right side of the city; you need to pass the Old Town and the Ballerina Statue. During peak season (July and August), you need to pay an admission fee (2 €) for entrance; other times, it is free. The total length of this beach is about 400 m; the water entrance is shallow and clean with sand and small pebbles. You can take a set of two sunbeds and one umbrella for 15 €. Toilets are also paid (0.5 €). Unfortunately, as this beach is located in the city, it is very crowded, but you can stay there the whole day, go scuba diving, snorkeling, rent a boat and even have lunch there in one of the cafés.
  • Dukley Beach. If you are searching for a private small sand beach, this one is strongly recommended. It is a small 100-meter beach with a seafront restaurant and a bar. The beach belongs to the Dukley Hotel and is located after Slovenska Plaza beach before the Becici tunnel. The visit is paid and the working hours are 10.00-18.00. You can lay there on a sunbed with a glass of wine, having a remarkable view of the Old Town and Budva promenade. You can also make a reservation at the Rokki Maki Beach Club, which is available only for adults.
  • Jaz Beach. This beach is not located in the city; it is located in the Budva Municipality, 10 10-minute drive away (2.5 km) from the city. We recommend taking a taxi there or walking. This beach became popular in 2007 with the spring open-air concert of the Rolling Stones; since then, this place has been popular for live music festivals and concerts. The beach is divided into two parts: the developed with sun beds, bars, toilets, and showers for families and tourists who prefer comfortable rest and the natural part for peaceful time (there is a special area for naked people). The price for sunbed sets is the same as in the city (€10). Do not worry about having lunch or dinner there; there are many places on all parts of the beach. If you do not want to leave the place, you can stay in the Poseidon Hotel (4–a 4-star hotel), located near the beach's main entrance.
  • Ploce Beach. Even though this beach is located 10 km from Old Town, we want to highlight this renowned beach for being famous among youngsters' foam parties. It has several swimming pools, inflatable slides, restaurants, a café, showers, cabins, sun beds, toilets, a diving center, parking and many more. You may drink cocktails and list the daily and night performances of DJs. The water is crystal clear with sand and little pebbles on the bottom. The beach is recommended for families with kids and solo travelers.
  • Calypso Beach. This small beach is hidden by rocks from mass tourists and is located between Mogren Beach and Jaz Beach. If you like privacy, you need to come to this cozy place with large pebbles. We recommend taking swimming shoes with you. You can also rent a sunbed or an umbrella here, but this is all. There are no showers or changing cabins. There is one café here for snacks and drinks. You can get here only by boat, sap or kayak; on the way, you can visit several caves, Green Lagoon and see Fort Mogren from the water.
  • St. Nikolas Plaza. This island is also called Hawaii for its long sandy beaches and tropical blue clear water. You can come there by boat from Budva not only for sunbathing but also to visit the old St. Nicholas church built in the eleventh century. You can take a boat every half an hour from Slovenska Beach, Mogren Beach or Becici. The island has three beaches and coves in the rock. On all beaches, all infrastructure is available – sun beds, umbrellas, restaurants, cafés, changing cabins, and showers.

The choice of Budva beaches is not limited to the listed ones; we indicated here only the closest. If you want to travel and see other exceptional places, we can also recommend Queen’s Beach, Przno Beach, Kamenovo Beach, Ada Bojana Beach (nudist center), and Sveti Stefan. Most of the mentioned beaches are included in the top 10 beaches of Montenegro, and Blue Flag approves their quality.

Where to eat in Budva

Budva has many wonderful places on the promenade, in the Old Town, near the coastline, where you can eat; you can even go to the central market for a sandwich with Montenegrin smoked ham as well. We will list the top 10 restaurants and café:

  1. Jadran. If you want to feel the spirit of the Sea, then you need to come by one of the best restaurants - Jadran Kod Krista restaurant. It is located at the beginning of the promenade near the Budva Marina on the seashore. Jadran was founded in 1976 and is one of the oldest restaurants in Budva. Three generations of the Krsta family own it. You can find their quality service with good food. You can order grilled octopus, squid, lobster, schnitzel, burger, chicken breasts and many more. It is open from early morning till late night.
  2. Restaurant Tropico. You can try seafood, local cuisine, and Mediterranean food in this restaurant. It starts to work very early compared to other places in the city – 08 a.m. You can try nice dishes from the fish and meat menu or order pizza and pasta. The restaurant is located in front of Luna Park Popivoda on the main promenade. Surprisingly, it is a pet-friendly restaurant as well. So, you can deal with the finest food in front of the sea, and in the evening live concerts are organized.
  3. Restaurant Obala. Another seafood Budva restaurant on the main promenade is located right next to the beach. You will be served the best Mediterranean cuisine for breakfast, lunch and dinner. On the menu (available in Russian, English, French, German and Spanish), you can order such special dishes as Montenegrin doughnuts, Cheese Njegush style, Tuna Tartar, Salty pancakes, Black risotto, Fish specialities and many more. The last reviews on the popular tourist site are quite disappointing, but we hope that next summer season the situation will significantly improve.
  4. Pastabar Budva. This restaurant serves Italian, Mediterranean, European and Central Asian food. You will also find food here for vegetarians, vegans and gluten-free diets. It is located in the Old Town (0.1 miles from Citadel). It became the Travel choice in 2023. You can have a full dinner here or just a cup of coffee on the terrace. The choice of pasta is big, the portion is huge and the size is a great price.
  5. Kuzina. We recommend this restaurant for its delicious homemade food. It is very popular not only among tourists but also among locals. During peak season, you need to make a reservation to get a table. The service is pleasant and fast, while the atmosphere is friendly and relaxed. This place became Travelers’ Choice in 2003 and is one of the best restaurants in Budva. You can eat Mediterranean, Eastern European, and Barbeque dishes there.
  6. Lim Restaurant. This place services seafood and international food. It is in the 7th place of the best Mediterranean restaurants in Budva. It is recommended for the open-door terrace with a sea view, chilled music, fresh seafood and tasty steaks. This restaurant has received a Certificate of Excellence several times. You can visit this restaurant while walking on the promenade; it is after the Slovenska Plaza Hotel. The waiters will be delighted to give you advice, and they always recommend the best dessert – local bread cake.
  7. Restaurant Porto. Porto is one of the most pleasant places to have a glass of local wine for only €4. This restaurant has the best location in the marine for romantic evenings with a nice view. Because of the location, this place with stone walls and wooden furniture is very popular among tourists, so you need to make a reservation. There is a special form on the website. You can order pepper steak, prawns, clams, tuna salad or fruit cup “porto”. There are dishes from local cuisine, Mediterranean, European, and Seafood, including dishes for vegetarians.
  8. Konoba Bocun. This small traditional family restaurant also became the travelers’ choice in 2023. It is especially popular for dishes from local cuisine, Mediterranean, Barbeque, European, and Eastern European cuisine. It is located in the City on Mimoza Street near Hotel Momentum. Most tourists appreciate delicious food at cheap prices and generous portions. Menu is available in English, Russian, German, Spanish and Montenegrin languages. We especially recommend Stuffed chicken filet with baked cream cheese and bacon and veal schnitzel.
  9. Casper Bar. Casper is located in the Old Town and is recommended for high-quality sound and drinks. It is open till 2am. You can come for a quick bite here with cocktails, beer, local wine or juices. All tables are located outside in the shaded courtyard. We especially recommend the prosciutto wrap with watermelon juice. But do not expect to have a full dinner here; it has a good choice of sandwiches and bruschettas with a wide choice of dressings.
  10. Caffee Restaurant Mozart. Mozart Cafe is another nice place to have dinner in the Old Town. All visitors recommend the atmosphere, great friendly service, and tasty main dishes and desserts. The menu includes dishes from Central European and Mediterranean cuisines. On walls, you may see lovely paintings and interesting vases to create a special mood for the place. You can also find gluten-free, vegan and vegetarian food options.

As you can see, Budva is famous mainly for its seafood restaurants, where you can try high-quality dishes at reasonable prices.

Weather in Budva

The weather in Budva is pleasant all year round; you can have a pleasant time not only during a short and warm summer but also during a mild winter. The temperature varies from 2 Degrees Celsius to 34 Degrees Celsius (in shadow). The Budva climate is Mediterranean, but it could be several very cold days with bora winds. At night, the temperature can drop up to 0 degrees Celsius. The total quantity of sunshine hours per day is 2530.

The hot season lasts for almost 3 months, from the middle of June, when the temperature can reach 28 Degrees Celsius till the middle of September. The hottest days are at the end of July – the average temperature is 31 Degrees Celsius. Moreover, the sky is clear for almost the whole season. Almost the whole of July, there are no clouds; only a breeze blows from the sea. The sea temperature differs from 14 degrees Celsius in January to 25 degrees Celsius in August.

The coldest season lasts for 4 months, from the end of November to the End of March, with temperatures of 3-15 degrees Celsius. Normally, in November, it rains for 14 days (40% chance of rain every day), and the precipitation is also high in all winter months (150-170 mm). But it is unlikely to see snow in winter; the white blanket was last seen in December 2010. So, it is comfortable for long walks on the promenades and sightseeing Budva in winter.

For the beach holiday in Budva, the best time for a visit is July, August and the first two weeks of September. For long walks without extremely hot days, it is recommended to come in May, September and October. But, if you are searching for the city for the whole year, pleasant weather with humidity of about 70% (all months), Budva is perfect.

Where to live in Budva?

Budva can offer all types of short-term and long-term accommodation in hotels, apartments, guest houses and private villas. There are many conditions, prices and websites for booking the best place to live. For booking Budva hotels, guest houses, and apartments, there are different services: hotels.com, booking.com. kayak.com, expedia.com and the hotel's official sites. For booking villas, apartments and long-term accommodation, you may use AirBnB, 2Home.me, Booking.com, Agoda.

Hotels in Budva.

There is a vast choice of hotels in Budva, from 2-star to 5-star in all parts of the city, from the Old Town to the city ones. Please do not forget that in all hotels, guest houses, and apartments, a city tax per person (€1.00 per night) is charged. We can recommend the top 8 hotels based on price, location, service and reviews for your vacation:

  1. Aquaresort (4-star hotel). From all the rooms in this elegant hotel, there is a breathtaking view of the landscape of Budva. You can always use private pool. Contact Hotel Aquaresort directly via WhatsApp and book apartments.
  2. Durkley Hotel & Resort (5-star hotel). From all the rooms in this elegant hotel, there is a breathtaking view of the landscape of Budva City and the crystal-clear sea. The hotel is located at the end of Budva Riviera promenade, near Becici beach. You can enjoy the warm water in an outdoor swimming pool or on the private beach. You may choose a deluxe double room or a four-bedroom apartment with a private kitchen for 8 guests. Continental breakfast is included for all guests.
  3. Iberostar Slavija (5-star hotel). It is located on the Adriatic highway within a 7 minutes walking distance of Slovenska Plaza Beach. You may find there an outdoor swimming pool, private parking lot, spa center (with a sauna and a steam room) and a restaurant. There are rooms for solo travelers or family deluxe with 3 twin beds (two adults + 3 kids). You may choose two meal options: excellent breakfast only or breakfast & dinner included.
  4. Splendid Conference & Spa Resort (5-star hotel). This luxurious hotel in Budva is located on a long beach in Becici. It has a great number of activities – 5 swimming pools, kids’ club, diving, karaoke, pool table, tennis court, darts, spa and many more (some activities are charged additionally). The hotel welcomes all tourists with a wide choice of rooms, from superior rooms with mountain views to premium rooms with 2 twin beds and 1 sofa bed with a sea view; excellent breakfast is included. In most booking locations, no prepayment is required; you need to pay at the property.
  5. Boutique Hotel Vissi d’Arte (5-star hotel). This hotel is located near the marina and beach, in a couple of minutes from the Old Town. It proposes free parking and an airport shuttle for all guests, and tea/coffee makers are in all rooms. The hotel has different suites, with one king bed for two guests and 5 king beds for 10 guests. For all rooms and tariff plans, an exceptional breakfast is included. On the BookingCom, there is no prepayment needed and no cancellation costs.
  6. Hotel Bracera (4-star hotel). Bracera is a city hotel within 5 minutes from Tropico Restaurant and Slovenska Plaza Beach. It features an indoor rooftop swimming pool and private parking. In all rooms, a very good breakfast is included, and in the evening, you can visit a bar or a restaurant. It will be good for families and large companies as it possesses family rooms with a sea view and 2 queen beds. At Booking.com, a 10% discount is available for Genius subscribers.
  7. Hotel Majestic (4-star hotel). This small hotel is located near the Old Town and has elegantly furnished rooms with a sea-view balcony. All tourists are pleased with the clean and comfortable rooms, delicious breakfast and friendly staff. The nearest beaches are Ricardova Glava Beach and Slovenska Beach. You may come to this hotel with pets without extra charges, but there are no cribs or extra beds. The largest room is a family room with 1 king and 1 queen bed.
  8. Fontana Hotel & Gastronomy (4-star hotel). This completely new hotel (built in 2019) is a combination of old spirit and modern, high-quality service standards. It is highly recommended for families with small kids (cribs are provided per request), as there are rooms with 1 king bed and 1 sofa bed for a reasonable price, including a wonderful breakfast. Nearby is the popular Greko Beach and Jadran restaurant.
  9. Garni Hotel Arka (3-star hotel). This small city hotel is a nice destination within walking distance from the Old Town. You will be served a wonderful breakfast that is included in the room price. It also suits large families as you may book a room for up to 6 persons. Cribs are provided for free upon request. The nearest Beach is Slovenska Plaza, 10 minutes on foot.

Apartments and villas in Budva.

The choice is unlimited, from small ones with one bedroom to five bedrooms and more. The rental conditions differ from the agency or the owner. The normal first payment for long-term accommodation is 2 months (the first and the last) plus a deposit. The price depends on the location, building, and availability of the pool area and furniture and starts from €500/month. The long-term rent (at least one year) is significantly cheaper than renting for a couple of weeks or months in the peak season. The best proposals for long-term service you may find in the popular real estate Budva agencies.

We strongly recommend booking rooms and apartments only on the official websites or in the official real estate in Budva.

How to rent a car in Budva?

Whether you want to explore the country, stay in different places or go for short trips in the neighboring countries, car rental in Budva is a perfect solution. Even though the car rentals in Budva start from €9 per day, and there are many international agencies, we have to admit that some roads in Montenegro are narrow, and it might be difficult to escape the collusion with large travel buses safely. If you are not sure about your driving skills, please take a group tour or private tour. You can also rent a car at the airport and come to Budva; for example, the Avis agency is situated at the airport, but there is no office in Budva.

For experienced drivers, the choice of agencies in Budva is wide. You can choose small, medium, and larger cars, budget or premium cars, electrical or petroleum, automatic or manual:

  • Sixt. For all drivers, an international license is required, valid for 2 years at least. Minimum age is 21. You may go to some European countries with rental cars.
  • Auto-travel.me. The allowed driver’s age is 21, for free you can rent a car for two drivers. The driving experience should be not less than 2 years. A 100€ deposit is required.
  • Driver Rent-a-Car. This agency can deliver a car to the hotel. The rent service is available for drivers older than 18 years old with valid driving license and 1 year of driving experience.
  • Terrae-Car. You can rent cars with the lowest rates in the city. You can choose a car on the website and take it from the office or request a delivery to the hotel. You need to have a valid driver's license and no age limits or requirements for driver experience.
  • Elite Rent a Car. This agency requires all drivers to have a driver's license for 2 years and to be at least 21 years old. You need to pay Visa, MasterCard or cash. A deposit of €300 is required.
  • Monti Group. The minimum age of the driver should be 22 years with 2 years’ driver’s license. CASCO and children's seats are included in the fee for free.

The list is not limited to the agencies presented in it; more information is in a separate article. Please think in detail about where you want to go with the rented car. It is not recommended to visit beaches with a car, as it is difficult to find a parking space, it is easier to take a taxi. But for several days of excursions, a rented car is a perfect solution, as almost all services do not limit miles/kilometers.

Where to go from Budva?

The number of Budva attractions, sights, and beautiful places is enough to spend two weeks’ vacation. We want to give you several suggestions for day trips and more.

  • Old Town in Kotor is a must-visit attraction of the old town with stone alleys and the fortress 280 meters above the sea. You can combine it with the boat tour to the fjord-like Kotor Bay. There are many picturesque cities (Tivat, Risan, Perast) and old churches on the way.
  • Sveti Stefan – is the most iconic luxury hotel in Montenegro (former 15th-century fish village) that can be visited only by hotel guests or paid tour groups.
  • Dubrovnik (Croatia).
  • Tirana (Albania)
  • Tara Canyon and Black Lake.
  • Ostrog Monastery.
  • Skadar Lake.

Montenegro is also famous for its blue grotto, national parks, old monastery and many more. If you are interested in the detailed description of sights, more proposals for two-day trips, prices and directions, please read the corresponding article. You can always choose between group tours, small tours with guides, or going by yourself in a rented car.

Property in Budva, Montenegro

If you adore Budva at first sight and want to vacation there or live there regularly for a long time, we recommend you buy a property in Budva, Montenegro. The price for apartments is not as high as in nearby Croatia or in Kotor, but you have not only the mild climate and the pleasant Adriatic Sea but also markets, hospitals, schools and other infrastructure for living the whole year around. You can buy apartments in multi-storey buildings, nice cottages or residential allotments to build your dream house. In Budva, many real estate agencies are pleased to offer you the best property on the market.

  • Houses and villas for sale in Budva. You may find all types of cottages, houses and villas with mountain and sea views, with one or five bedrooms. Normally, houses are located in the suburbs of Budva. One of the very good solutions is to buy houses for renovation.
  • Apartments and flats in Budva for sale. You may find a nicely furnished apartment in Becici with one bedroom for a price of around €130.000. The choice is not limited by price, location, or area; you may find luxurious flats well-equipped or choose without furniture and decorations.
  • Land for sale in Budva. Montenegro is developing; you may find plots in the resort villages or urbanized areas 100-200 from the sea or in the mountains for building one or two villas. Some plots are sold with a house project.

There are lots of agencies in Montenegro. They offer property not only apartments for sale in Budva but also in all of Montenegro. Property in Montenegro is a good investment as prices increase every year.


Budva is a cozy city on the Adriatic coastline with an interesting history and nice infrastructure for short and long-term vacations. It possesses all the comforts of a modern city, where you have a vast choice of restaurants, nightclubs, supermarkets, and playgrounds to suit the needs of almost all types of tourists. There is even an aqua park in Budva! The accommodation options are endless as well – hotels, apartments, resorts, guest houses, villas for a couple of days or ownership. You have a chance to find a dream summer house among the homes for sale in Budva. You can explore Montenegro and visit many beautiful sights with a group or on private tours, rent a car, and go to other Eastern European countries. The possibilities for the whole year of living in Budva are unlimited. Before you go there, you can check the weather using numerous webcams in Budva. We will be glad to see you in Budva!

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